Hazelnut grains




- Piedmont PGI

- Tonda Gentile Trilobata (Three Cobbed Round Hazelnut)

- Regina selection, produced exclusively in the hills of the Langhe

Grade types:

- 2-4 mm: standard size used for decoration and coatings

- 5-8 mm: toasted hazelnuts quarters. Used on the outside of chocolate eggs or in chocolate bars. 

- 1-2 mm: perfect if they have to be placed on the product using a nozzle where the hole tends to be very small. With this grade it is possible to have a higher percentage of flour, given that the size of the hazelnut is very small.

Storage conditions: It should be consumed within 12 months so that the sensory characteristics do not change. Once the vacuum bag has been opened, it is recommended to keep the product in a glass container so that it does not absorb moisture.

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