toasted hazelnuts




- Piedmont PGI

- Tonda Gentile Trilobata (Three Cobbed Round Hazelnut)

- Regina selection, produced exclusively in the hills of the Langhe

Degrees of toasting:

- Standard, essentially clear

- dark

Types of selection and related confectionary:

- Blanches: usually grade 14-15. Completely without skin and with a maximum of 5% of half hazelnuts. Selected after toasting by an optical sorter and following the manual sorting phase. Ideal as a decoration, in tubs or bags and in nougat.

- 15% film: they can be grade 14-15 but also grade 13. After they are toasted they are taken by the optical sorter, so 15% of hazelnuts still have a film part and a maximum of 10% of half.

It is the perfect product for bars of chocolate, for drages and pralines.

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