Hazelnuts from overseas

Hazelnuts from overseas


Principally of Turkish origin, in gauges 13/15 or 11/13

Standard packaging: 5 kg vacuum packed

Storage instructions: it is advisable to consume the product within 12 months so that the organoleptic characteristics remain unchanged. Once the vacuum pack has been opened the product should be stored in a glass container so that it does not absorb moisture. Store in a cool place away from direct sunlight.


Principally of Turkish origin.
If roasted by the original producer then the colour tends to be very light. If roasted by us the colour can be more golden.


Standard size 3-5 mm


TOASTED: the standard type is that which remains in the last sieve of the granulator. It is very fine but not completely impalpable. Typically used for biscuits, cakes, baci di dama and amaretti.


Less intense in flavour than the Piedmont hazelnut, but still ideal for use in ice cream and pastries.

Standard packaging: plastic buckets from 5-20 kg

After some time the emergence of oil on the surface is an indication of natural character of the product. The hazelnut naturally contains a percentage of oil, so as it matures the heavy part of the paste sinks and the oil surfaces, acting as a natural preservative. It is therefore advisable to stir well, from the bottom up, before use.